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Great Life Brewing

Great Life Brewing

By: Brooklyn Di Raffaele A change of career and a passion for homebrewing led to the opening of a craft brewery. Patrick Clancy was an engineer in information technology for years until he lost passion for the work late in his career. With encouragement from his wife, Patrick recognized that his love of homebrewing could

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1912: The Year that Sparked a Brewery

By: Brooklyn Di Raffaele With a patriotic start and beer flowing freely, 1912 Brewing Company opened their taproom doors to the Tucson area. The family-owned and operated 1912 Brewing Company in Tucson, Arizona began when founder Allan Conger took his passion for homebrewing and turned to opening his own brewery. “I’ve been homebrewing since 2004.

Cameron Ball of Helix Brewing in La Mesa, California- Portland Kettle Works Client

From Homebrew to Helix

Brooklyn Di Raffaele Back in 2007 on a rainy fall day when the waves weren’t good for surfing, Cameron Ball and his Cal Poly roommates went to the local homebrew shop, Doc’s Cellar in San Luis Obispo, CA, for alternate activity. And he was instantly hooked on brewing. From that day forward, Cameron homebrewed almost

Drekker Brewing- Portland Kettle Works Client

Bringing Valhalla Closer to Home

Brooklyn Di Raffaele Setting sail on the high seas, looking for fertile lands and riches to plunder, the Vikings were on a mission and would bring back honor and valuables to their homeland. Returning from their voyages Vikings celebrated with feasts fit for the gods. Too bad they didn’t have craft beer to accent their

Old Bus Tavern- Portland Kettle Works Client

Make Sure You Hop On This Bus

By: Brooklyn Di Raffaele Nestled in Bernal Heights, San Francisco is the new brewpub on the block that will soon be your next favorite hangout. Founded on the ideals of good beer and good food, friends Ben Buchanan, John Zirinsky and Jimmy Simpson founded Old Bus Tavern with its namesake inspired by John’s 1978 Volkswagen