Brewing and Beverage Equipment Made in the USA

Our Mission:

Reduce your startup and expansion risks
Provide you with hands-on training
Get your venture to success as rapidly as possible

Portland Kettle Works (“PKW”) is the premier American manufacturer of stainless-steel craft beer brewing and beverage equipment for Kombucha, Cold Brew Coffee, Pharmaceutical and Dairy applications plus Mixing Tanks, and accessories for these industries.

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Founded in 2011, Portland Kettle Works has become the gold standard for American manufactured craft beer equipment.  We are incredibly proud of our clients and their achievements.  We add value as process engineers and business owners who deliver on promises and help to educate while we learn with our clients how to succeed and grow. Portland Kettle Works is your reliable partner and our clients are more successful:


Over 97% of the over 300 craft breweries and taprooms we’ve built all around the world are still operating and:


Even more impressively, over 88% of our clients met or exceeded their initial growth expectations. And, in the process, they have won dozens of regional, national and international gold, silver and bronze medal awards for their distinctive craft beers.

Why are our clients so successful? Because we have a process proven to develop award-winning craft breweries and taprooms:

  • Our experienced team works with you to plan exactly what you need
  • We design a brewery system to meet your needs
  • PKW manufactures your system to order specifically for you
  • We can help you arrange the financing for your brewing equipment
  • We teach you how to operate and maintain your equipment for great results from your first batch
  • You can start small and trade up with us when you’re ready to expand

Plan for your long term success. We don’t just sell you brewing and beverage equipment and move on. Stick with us and before you know it we’ll be having one of our famous plaque ceremonies and adding your brewery’s distinctive logo to our famous craft brewer “Wall of Fame”:

Portland Kettle Works Craft Brewer Wall of Fame
Portland Kettle Works Craft Brewer Wall of Fame

Want to Learn More? The Portland Kettle Works knowledge base presents an on-going informational series from successful craft brewers designed to help you learn.

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Portland Kettle Works was founded in 2011 to build the highest quality stainless steel brewing and beverage equipment applications. Since then we have built and installed over 300 breweries worldwide. Our craft brewers are among the best of the best and they have the gold, silver and bronze medals to prove it. If you’re serious about craft brewing as a business, contact us and we can help you, too. And if you’re located in Mexico or Latin America, click here to visit our Spanish language site.